Kimono keep on evolving with
our lifestyle today.
Self-Kimono, OB is for everyone
The symbol of OB is the OBI Belt, so it’s called
You can easily put the belt by yourself.

Hina Obi Introduction Video

0:42 This is the whole picture of the belt.
This part is the waist tape
and the top part and the bottom part.
We have Velcro tape with black and white color.
This is how it works when you wear the belt by
yourself with involves only three steps!
Let us show you how to tie the Hina-belt
the bottom part of the belt on the waist tape
You tie them up following the waist.
You can put theleft side of the belt on it.
The outside of the belt and the inside of the black
As you put them together it will be hold.
You can put the deckle edged parts inside.
They will hold them well because they are Velcro
You move the whole Belt right, the belt part is done!
02:14 Hina belt goes well the ribon type on the back. As well as Taiko Type
We prepare the bela for the male as well.
02:48 We also prepared obi Belt for men.
02:56 Quick-wear Kimono
You can wear kimono by yourself.
That is new possibilities for Kimono with the times